Spark Designz & Technologies
A Small Business for the Small Business

Spark Designz and Technologies, LLC is a business based on the actualization of dreams. We make it our mission to assist others in properly showcasing their businesses via social media marketing support, website development, and mobile application development. Driven to cultivate the passion of other aspiring business men and women is what motivates us daily. After all, sometimes to really get started, all you need is a Spark.

  • We Are Spark
    The Anchor of Your Business

    We Are Spark
    The Anchor of Your Business

    Let Spark Designz be the anchor for your business. We create a web presence like no other that will get your business the recognition it deserves and will be the platform to build upon.

  • We Are Creative
    Moving in the Right Direction

    We Are Creative
    Moving in the Right Direction

    As the times change and the tide change, allow us to be the business to give our business a revamp in the first direction. No customer base stays the same and we look to leverage new technology that will help your business see positive results.

  • We Build Solutions
    That Your Customers Will Approve

    We Build The Solution
    That Your Customers Will Approve

    Your customers will love how your business looks with the Spark touch. Let us make sure your website is visited constantly and your mobile application is downloaded daily.

Meet Our Team
People Behind Spark Designz

Meet Our Team
Talented people with big ideas and creative minds

Britney Gill
CEO / Co-Founder

Timothy Noble II
COO/ Co-Founder

Harry MacArthur

Carmen Nedab

Timara Crews-Noble

Keenan Black
App Developer & Cloud Guru

Our Expertise

Our team member's vast experiences in different industries allows Spark to have skills that separate us from the competion. We rely on old skills and the learning of new skills in order to make our customer's web presence felt.

No project or idea is too hard for us. If we do not know what you are asking, we do research and figure it out in order to help grow your company.

User Experience

Web & App Design

Consultation and Guidance

Software Development

Spark Designz creates websites and mobile applications. We will be the flame to ignite your business.